Montel Williams and the HealthMaster Emulsifier

Montel Williams and the HealthMaster Emulsifier

You must have seen the TV ads with Montel Williams featuring the As Seen on TV HealthMaster fruit & vegetable emulsifier?

I was stunned a few days ago when I saw this infomercial with Montel Williams.

I know Montel has been out of the public eye for some time and I also know he’s been dealing with a serious health issue: he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999 and now heads the Montel Williams MS Foundation.

That said, I just would not have put Montel and a sophisticated blender in the same setting.

Since I’m a huge sucker for infomercials, I watched Montel and company present the HealthMaster Emulsifier for 30 minutes!

Now, I will admit that I did find that the HealthMaster Emulsifier strangely resembles the Vita-Mix blender, but the price is dramatically different since the Vita-Mix will set you back $500-$600 dollars, while the HealthMaster Emulsifier is  a little less than $200.

I was wondering about the quality of the HealthMaster Emulsifier, but the company is offering a (get this) 100 year warranty on the motor! Yup, that means that you can leave your HealthMaster Emulsifier in your will to your kids and they will be able to get the motor replaced if it dies within 100 years of you purchasing your blender!

I found the infomercial interesting because it’s said that the HealthMaster Emulsifier can replace over 20 kitchen appliances. I’ve not tested this theory, but I do know that if the HealthMaster Emulsifier helps people eat more fruits and vegetables, I’m happy to get the word out!

You’ll find more details on how you can order the HealthMaster Emulsifier and get a free 4 recipe cookbooks and eating plan by checking out this link (this offer is open to U.S. and Canada residents): Montel Williams and the HealthMaster Emulsifier

Here are some of the bonuses you’ll receive if you decide to purchase Montel Williams’ HealthMaster Emulsifier:

1) Appetizers & Dressing recipes cookbook

2) Desserts & Ice Cream recipes cookbook

3) Soups & Sauces recipes cookbook

4) Smoothies & Power Drinks recipes cookbook

5) Eating Plan: “Super Slim me”


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