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Such delicious flavors and Mexico City is one of my favorite places! Love how the flavors transport me there! Veronica Meewes. Our ice cream is la Neta. Seven bold and authentic flavors handcrafted with only the finest all-natural ingredients for a memorable eating experience. View FLAVORS.

Helados Bon es un exitoso modelo de desarrollo, que produce, transmite sabor y alegría para los dominicanos, convirtiéndola en una de las marcas más queridas y prestigiosas del país.

Helados Bon es un exitoso modelo de desarrollo, que produce, transmite sabor y alegría para los dominicanos, convirtiéndola en una de las marcas más queridas y prestigiosas del país.

Helados Bon. Inicio. MENÚ Empresa Productos. Línea Tradicional Etiqueta Negra Premium Regímenes Especiales Cajitas y copas Paletería y Sandwich. Yogen Fruz Menu PUNTOS DE VENTA Asóciate Novedades Trabaja con Bon Contacto. MENU . INTERIOR SIN CARGO 1-809-200-8863 SANTO DOMINGO 809-908-6000

Helado Negro – Sound and Vision. 2021 Nr: BBE700SDG2. BBE Music unveils the second single from forthcoming David Bowie tribute ‘Modern Love’, a subtle and introspective take on ‘Sound and Vision’ by Helado Negro. Originally released as the first single from Bowie’s 1977 album ‘Low’, ‘Sound and Vision’ represented the artist ...

Elite '2021. Providence, RI. 208. 333. 86. 5/31/2021. What a fun addition to the Providence food scene. Helado offers a unique, delicious and not to mention, cute ice-cream served on a fresh fish-shaped waffle. They boast sourcing locally for their ingredients and softserve, which is wonderful!

quiero un té helado. A phrase is a group of words commonly used together (e.g once upon a time). a. I want an iced tea. En cuanto lleguemos a casa, me voy a tomar una cervecita bien fría. - Yo quiero un té helado. ¿Me lo prepararías?The minute we get home I'm having a nice cold beer.

Translate Me gusta comer helado. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations.

The internet is all about information and the best kind of information is the kind that saves you money like coupon codes. These easy to use promotional devices can save considerable amounts of money when used properly.

Having a coupon code, when making a purchase, provides you with a level of satisfaction that you are getting a better deal because of the added due diligence you have gone through in making your selection. Just like shopping for the best bargains at the local mall, or clipping coupons from your Sunday paper, codes can save you substantial money.

Codes can save you from ten to as much as ninety percent off the regular price of a product or service. Once located, codes are simple and easy to use. Often there is a box on shopping sites that has space for a code. If you ever wondered what promotional code means in this regard, it means saving money. It can be frustrating knowing someone is getting a better deal than you just because they have access to a few digits of a code that you do not have.

Shopping online should not be an arduous task. If you consider how just a few short years ago people did their comparison shopping, today’s experience is a piece of cake.

Now, with the click of a mouse, you can browse through virtual stores in minutes what would have taken hours, if not days, in the past. More than likely the deal you got walking the malls was based more on your shopping stamina than on really getting the best deal.

You could also be at the mercy of a slick salesman who would convince you that you really needed features in a product that raised his commissions but did little to get what you needed at the best price. Of course, without the help of a salesman, it is incumbent on you to make sure you have done your homework and know what product or service is best for you. Having an unlimited range of options can be enticing and cause you to overspend creating buyer remorse.

Have a clear idea what your current and future needs are before delving into the options. Make a list of needs and set a specific budget. This is no different than going to the grocery store with a list. Without one, research shows that the consumer will spend more money, and buy more unrelated things without the benefit of a list.

This is particularly important when you are making large ticket item purchases. The larger the purchase the more time and thought you should put in your decision. Once you have made your decision you owe it to yourself to get the best deal. Coupon codes often represent one of the best ways to save money.

Their use is on the rise because of their ease of use and increased availability. Why do manufacturers, suppliers, service providers utilize coupons? They are used as a promotional tool and represent a good deal for the supplier as well as the consumer. Rather than giving away product for less, the expense is treated as an operating cost. This benefits both parties in the transaction. Everybody wins.

Make the most out of your hard earned dollars. Take the time to shop, compare, and save. You will be more satisfied with the results. Whether the purchases you make are large or small, reoccurring, or one time, you will soon learn the value of coupon codes for many of your online buys.

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Excuse me while I crawl up on my soapbox.

Okay, now that I’m here. This blog entry may shock or scandalize a few of my dear heart and gentle people readers, other’s may say, “No kidding”, and yet others may think, “so why is this a big deal?”

This isn’t a soapbox I’m just climbing on to climb on, I’ve actually been thinking and talking with people about this for weeks.

Here goes. . . .

I’ve found the best deals on wish around. Bumkins Waterproof Superbibs!

I bought a set of three bibs and have really only needed to use two of them in my daily C feedings. These are lightweight. They are waterproof – after feeding, I just rinse under water and that’s it! Dries fast too. And, the materials used in this bib are PVC free, lead free. They are also easy to pack as they fold down into almost nothing.

I’ve already pre-ordered Bumkins’ aprons for arts and crafts for when C is older!

This is definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made for C. It’s made my laundry load easier, and I don’t need lots of bibs lying around because I haven’t done laundry yet. And, C has a clea

n bib each time she eats.

A wonderful product, highly recommended!

Tomorrow marks a historic day in California. Same-Sex marriages will become legal in our Golden State. Those who are against this development (and there are many) argue that this is a “threat” to families and the institution of marriage. I for the life of me really cannot in any way, shape, or form understand how my family will be threatened by this.

It seems to me that, NOT allowing people who love each other to marry is MORE of a threat to marriage than allowing people who love each other and desire to nurture that love and commitment to marry. If we allow the state to “pick and choose” which lovers are allowed to marry isn’t that more of a long term threat than allowing love to be the basis for marriage, regardless of the gender of those desiring marriage?

Then I hear those (particularly in the Conservative Christian world. . . ) say that “We must fight for families and fight against things in our society which are threatening families.” (That’s almost a direct quote from a pretty well known Christian leader I heard on the radio last week) I say, “Amen”. . 

Let’s address the economic inequality that exist in our world, that’s a threat to my family. 

Let’s get to work on finding alternative form of energy and move (quickly) away from our dependence on oil, because the rising cost of gas is negatively affecting my family (and every family) daily. 

Let’s find ways to address poverty, educational budget cuts, rising food cost, our broken health-care system. . these ALL are threats to my family daily.

Tomorrow when same-sex couples get married, that won’t threaten any part of my family life. I just can’t help but wonder if we’re spending our time and energy barking up the wrong tree?

Okay, I’ll step off my soap box now. I’ve got to go stir my compost pile!

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Oh ya, I got this message delivered the hard way earlier this week when I did the dishes for the first time in 6 days. I live alone and don’t produce many dirty dishes a day but when you wait almost a week….well, let’s just say that some of my lunch containers were less than desireable.

I have no dishwasher and have limited kitchen counter space so you would think that I would be quick to wash the dishes…nope – they are my nemesis (the rest of my place is quite clean & tidy). I might have gotten the message this time though because 6 days is a lot of time even for me, especially in the summer. Talk about gross! I have never worked up such a sweat washing dishes before . By the way, I have washed the dishes every night since that nightmare washing session – it is sooo much faster that way and I LOVE walking into a clean kitchen in the morning.

Oh ya, about the shower – I use a squeegie to wipe down the shower stall after every shower (if there are multiple people showering, then the last person would be the one to squeegie). It takes about thirty seconds and your shower stays cleaner much longer and the shower and bathroom both dry much faster. I got my squeegie at the Dollar store.

This article bring up a great point that is the arch nemesis of so many moms to littles – forgetting. I do it all the time! I plan to write in the near future about tips and ideas for helping us remember what’s on our agenda while we’re in the trenches.

It actually amazes me how little time things take to clean. In my mind it seems like unloading the dishwasher will take forever but you are right, it is just a few minutes!

My biggest trick is to clean during commercial breaks when I’m watching TV. I even clean as I’m watching movies. I can sweep, mop, dust, etc all while keeping up with my favorite program (and I don’t feel guilty about my “tube” time!).

I forget how little time it takes to do the things I don’t like to do. Such as cleaning the bathroom. It doesn’t take that long so why do I put it off? Paper clutter also gets me. I don’t know what to do with the papers I can’t throw away so they stay on the kitchen counter making the kitchen look messy.

I do this when making out my ‘to do’ list- there are a lot of things that I can get done in the same amount of time it takes to write them down! Instead of writing them on my to do list, I will just jump up and they will be done in a few seconds.

Just what I needed to hear… I’m gonna go clean up the kitchen now, which will probably take less than 15 minutes…

So true! I wipe the outside of jam jars/fridge containers BEFORE they go back in the fridge so it eliminates the regular need to EMPTY the fridge and clean out the mucky marks left there~ I wash dishes as I go so they never pile up; do a load of laundry first thing every day so *it* can’t pile up. Work is so much more relaxing when I am consciously preemptive.

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How To Make Your Kitchen Look Modern and Neat

Many things can be done so that the kitchen appears present. Come on, we discuss it one by one!

Talking about the current kitchen certainly can not be separated from the material and decorating trinkets. From expensive to more affordable alternative materials, you can choose everything to make your kitchen trendy.

The decorated kitchen area is also diverse. Starting from the walls, tables, to the kitchen cabinet is a “target” touch of contemporary kitchen decor.



The choice of tabletop material is also necessary for today’s kitchens. Many materials can be used for tabletop, namely granite, solid surface, and homogeneous tile. To choose it, it all depends on your taste, needs and of course the budget you have.



The ceramic display is what can then make the kitchen look present. Various ceramic motifs are available on the market, for backsplash you can choose vintage ceramic motifs. The colorful and beautiful patterns of ceramics will certainly make the kitchen more lively.

In addition to ceramic, there are tiles made of cement namely tile tiles. Tile motifs are also colorful with smaller tile sizes than patterned ceramics.

If you do not like the colors that are too crowded, you can choose 10×20 plain tiles. This small-sized ceramic tile is usually called the subway tile and has often been used as a backsplash for a long time.



Lighting in the kitchen also plays an important role to make the kitchen look present. Especially with the number of decorating accessories that are present in the kitchen, the lights will make the appearance of trinkets even more “wow”.

You can use spotlights at several points to illuminate kitchen displays. Hidden lights or hidden lights can also be an option to be applied on the sidelines of the cabinet. This light play will present an elegant impression from your kitchen.

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The Colors of Siding

One of the great things about siding is that it adds style and character to any home. These days, homeowners can choose from more siding materials and colors than ever before. The right color can really make or break a home’s appearance, so before you set out to make your choice, keep the following guidelines in mind:

Know the trends

When it comes to the color of your siding, it’s a good idea to strike a balance between what catches your eye and what is generally popular. One of the trendiest colors in siding today is cypress, a soft green shade that looks great on its own and tends to blend well with landscaping. Other popular colors include those that are neutral in nature; tan, gray, cream, and beige are all wise color choices for new siding.
Understand the effects of light versus dark
Lighter siding colors will add a degree of warmth to your house and make it look bigger than it actually is. Darker colors, on the other hand, will usually end up making a house look smaller. Before you make a decision, consider the effect that the siding color might have given the size and structure of your house.

Forget about the rainbow

Contrary to what some might think, siding is not automatically available in an array of colors. When it comes to vinyl siding, your choices are usually limited to a specific set of neutral tones unless you are really willing to spend extra on a custom or offbeat color. Fortunately, if the color you want isn’t available in vinyl, then you always have the option of installing wood siding and then painting it the color of your choice.

Look around the neighborhood

A good way to get an idea of which siding colors will look best on your home is to walk around the neighborhood and take note of similar houses. You’ll also want to make sure that your house reasonably matches the houses that surround it. While your siding should help your home stand out, it shouldn’t make it stick out like a sore thumb.

Don’t go too crazy with color

Customers should remember that siding is supposed to increase the value of their homes and help add to their buyer appeal. A shocking blue or funky pink exterior might tickle your fancy, but think about it from a potential buyer’s perspective. If selling your home is a possibility at some point in the future, then you might want to adjust your taste to one with more universal appeal. You can always add a splash of color by incorporating unique shutters; or, better yet, surround your home with colorful flowers and keep the built-in stuff simple.
Siding installation is a great way to give your home a makeover, and the right color choice can really do wonders for your house’s exterior. Talk to your contractor if you’re having difficulty choosing a color. Chances are, he’ll be able to help you find the perfect shade to compliment the size, structure, and surroundings of your home.

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Solar Pool Heating Systems For More Fun In The Sun

Pools are a great asset to any home, especially when it’s sweltering outside and all you want to do is get cooled off. Imagine however, being able to enjoy your pool all year round. With solar pool heating systems, you can keep your pool at a temperature warm enough to enjoy even in the cooler seasons. Solar pool heating systems offer a chance to bring your pool temperatures to a moderate level, which also can eliminate the need to drain your pool during the winter season. National Green Power offers solar pool heating systems. To learn more about solar pool heating systems or any other solar system, visit nationalgreenpower.

For those who think of pool covers when they hear about solar pool heating systems, let me assure you they are not the same thing. Pool covers are not very effective and can be very dangerous for children or pets. However, solar pool heating systems allow owners to heat and warm their pools using a thermostat. By regulating the temperature of the water, solar pool heating systems maintain the temperature of the water, allowing the owner to enjoy water at whatever degree they prefer.

National Green Power can provide not only solar pool heating systems, but can also integrate solar pool heating systems into a home’s solar power system. There are many ways a homeowner can choose to increase their home’s value, but none are so immediate as purchasing a high quality solar power solution, which if you have a pool will also include solar pool heating systems.

With solar pool heating systems, you are not only able to enjoy your pool without having to adjust to freezing cold temperatures, but you can also swim in your pool longer throughout the year. While your neighbors are closing up their pools for the fall, you’ll be able to still have pool parties because of solar pool heating systems. Solar pool heating systems have come a long way from those plastic pool covers with the solar cells designed into them. They are silent, produce clean energy and are very efficient and steady.

As long as your pool has a circulating system, solar pool heating systems can maintain the temperature you’ve set it for and this greatly reduces the occurrence of “cold spots”. Remember going in your pool after removing a solar pool cover, only to have to stand in one spot because it was the only place that got warmed? As long as your pool has a system to clean the water and rotate, solar pool heating systems can evenly warm your pool.

If you are a homeowner and have a pool, contact National Green Power today to ask them about their solar pool heating systems, and how they can integrate it with a home solar system as well. Doing this will raise your property’s value and offer you an immediate return in the form of a low cost way to warm your pool.

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A Look At Different Kinds Of Pool Pumps

If you are looking for perfect pool pumps then you should be looking for those that are created with the help of leading technologies and which provide energy efficient service and are convenient to use. Such pumps should ideally also have the best features such as a high performing motor and more.

Pool pumps must be of a very high standard because these items form the core of the circulation systems in a pool and so must be chosen very carefully. These are items of equipment that help in moving water through all the equipment used in a pool. It therefore pays to look for those items that can provide regulated power to help keep circulating the water steadily and it should aid the filtration system in the pool as well.

Pool pumps must be chosen according to their reliability and they must provide an affordable way of circulating water. Such items must be robust and should be able to handle heavy duty work. It is a good idea to choose pumps which are made out of thermoplastic that does not corrode and which is able to work in every different kind of pool environment.

There are in fact 2 main types of pool pumps to pick from: the above ground and also the in ground variety. Regardless of the type chosen, it is necessary to make sure that the pump has been engineered as well as designed to handle the most demanding installations. It is therefore necessary to pick those pumps that work quietly and which are very powerful as well. These must also handle easily and they should not require much maintenance and they should have all desired features as well.

Before purchasing above ground pool pumps, you will need to ascertain that it is of the right size in relation to your pool size. As a general rule, about one horsepower is sufficient for pools that do not measure more than 24 feet. Anything above this size would require using a pump with 1 1/2 horsepower.

Above ground pool pumps are not so costly and so is most peoples first choice. The best part about these pumps is that they can be positioned anywhere that is convenient and they can also be removed and placed at another location. So, if you plan to move then this is the best option for you.

Above ground pumps help to keep the water circulating which is something that helps to prevent water in the pool from stagnating. If water stagnates in the pool it can easily become infested with insects and this can lead to a major health hazard. This is why it is important to install a proper pump in every pool. However, regardless of the type of pool pumps available, it is your personal preference that will help you pick the right pump.

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The Top Alarm Security Systems Meant For Excellent Safety

The top intruder alarm systems combine actual measures and border security. In order for you to make the actual claim of supreme protection for your house, you will need to deal with several key security situations, and install–or have installed–a array of security devices that may all interact to form a robust security stream around your house.

A good place to commence with the actual protection of your home.

Bodily protection contains: door bolts, window and door sensors, a loud siren, thin strips of wood or rods placed in the tracks of your windows, metal window and door frames, security doorways and security glass.

As you are able to plainly see, physical safety deals with the actual barrier you are going to placed into place to keep potential burglars along with additional property invaders out of your house. Strong locks on doors and windows will prevent thiefs from getting into the effortless way. Protection windows and doors, as well as metal window and door frames will turn your property into a veritable fortress. Even the appearance of strong deadbolt locks on the gates can be adequate to dissuade a potential burglar. Now let’s take a look at perimeter security. This set of security items deal with safety the perimeter of your abode, or even a security zone within your house.

Perimeter security contains: well planned gardening, outside lights, wireless cameras, motion alarms, wireless keychain remotes, window decals and garden indications as well as a peep hole within main door.

Inside motion detectors: can defend a room filled with pricey firearms, artwork, loose change, jewellery, antiques as well as the sort. Even if someone were to discover a distance to your property, a motion alarm may avoid your truly valuable items through being stolen.

Exterior motion detectors: can be employed in addition to your external lighting and wireless camcorders. Exterior lighting may get rid of all the dark areas and hiding places criminals love. Virtually any time working with a motion detector, the next a security sector is entered into by a possible robber, the perpetrator is lighted. This is often enough to send these people on their way.

For greatest home security, develop a balance involving the physical and the border and send potential burglar on their way seeking a less complicated focus on!

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Home Alarm Systems

Home Alarm Systems

A home alarm system is really a prudent investment for the essential safety of your property and your loved ones. Home alarm systems help safeguard your possessions from robbers. As reported by the U.S. criminal numbers, a lot more than 2 million home invasions happen on an annual basis and over 50 % of those transpire in homes. While looking for a burglar alarm system, you must understand there are many different kinds of solutions offered. Irrespective of the proportions in your house, you can easily get a home alarm system installed for extra basic safety. Despite the fact that purchase prices for security systems vary from the reasonable to the pricy, the safety not to mention relief you have while out of the house on vacation or in the workplace, or more notably, slumbering at night, is invaluable.

When choosing a home alarm system it is very important you comprehend your safety needs mainly because there are many sorts of security systems one could use. Some alarms notice almost any actions as soon as they are initialized to protect specific zones in your house. Many others will recognize a change of temperatures in the room. While security camera systems will exhibit the activity of the covered zone on your computer display or your home television. Whichever model of security system you might have, if you elected to get a siren put in, the whirring when it is tripped should signal to everyone passing by, your neighbors, police, as well as the supervising facility of the probable unlawful activity.

Just before getting a home alarm system, it is best to become acquainted with a variety of parts and jargon utilized when referencing home security products. The key components are the power supply known as control panel, along with the keypad, which allows the household owner to key in a code to arm or deactivate the unit when ever going into or even departing your property. Door and window connections, broken window pane detectors, wireless key entry, sirens, blowers, and movement detectors usually are the most common options for the majority home alarms.

Home alarm systems come in two variations, administered as well as standalone. An unmonitored model might include monitoring cameras, a video or hard disk driven recorder, and video monitor or link with the home lcd tv. Monitored alarm systems contact a observation facility by way of your telephone wires. These devices are generally more sophisticated with motion receptors that can pick up on the difference from a person’s household pets and an robber. The advantage of these types of alarm systems is that in the instance of an electrical failure or if a robber cuts the telephone lines, the system will certainly have a battery back-up allowing for police officers to remain notified in case of an emergency. Further more, several home alarm systems sometimes feature fire protection and can notify the local Fire Department in case an individual’s house is on fire.

In addition to installation fees and also the fee to get the safety systems, administered home alarm systems will certainly carry a monthly fee. As an inducement to subscribe with the system, several security providers might forgo the hardware and set up costs or simply offer you bargains for the regular monthly monitoring.

Specifically, I’ve got a monitored home alarm system by ADT and I will be able to confirm the effectiveness of the program. This past year, the morning after our little girl’s birthday party, a giant helium balloon that was tethered to a piece of furniture, worked it’s way free and apparently floated in front of the motion sensors when we were away from home. We left the cooling on and I suppose the air currents were strong enough to propel the balloon around the house.The irregular motions had been enough to trip the burglar alarm so we were immediately contacted on our mobile phones and informed our system had went off and the police were deployed to our residence.`You can see right now just how relieved we had been when we found it was simply a balloon. And even though we were a little bit upset about abandoning our events and hurrying home, atleast we know our home alarm system worked well just like it’s marketed.

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Home Alarms – Essential Features To Consider

Like several customer products, intruder alarm systems arrive in several different styles. Each starts with a base model, which can serve as the foundation when you add more factors and devices to customize the system for your special situation. No matter your age, living arrangements, dimension of the house or apartment, or how big is your family members, principle features of security alarm never change.

When seeking a home alarm system there are many of basic characteristics you need to be looking at. You’ll definitely need a control panel or even command center, that will usually includes a high decibel siren. After that equipment deals sometimes contain door and window detectors or motion sensors, depending on the arrangement of your house. Further components could incorporate a wireless keychain remote device unit, a 24-hour electric battery backup, window decals and yard indicators.

The idea guiding home security and also intruder prevention is for your alarm system to offer a web of protection around your home with a primary focus on the most susceptible points. Such as all of your admittance/exit front door and virtually any house windows easily accessed from ground level.

This is completed by the addition of door and window receptors in the easy home security package. Each sensor is within constant communication using the control panel or command center. Must a secured entrance or window out of the blue open or be shattered, the sensor can immediately send a signal to the control panel, which in turn may sound an alarm over the high-decibel alarm. The alarm is loud sufficient to send the majority of criminals in the opposite direction, as well as for you to warn everyone in the house to the unexpected emergency.

The motion sensor works the same way. It’s used to shield a specific sector within your property. They’re useful for shielding larger rooms no matter the original point associated with entry of the burglar. Many home owners elect to secure rooms that are filled with:

-Coins and jewels
-Expensive computer equipment
-Kid’s living quarters

When a safeguarded security zone is breached by a thief or home invader, an inform will be instantly sent through the motion detector towards the user interface plus the high-decibel siren is triggered. In case you choose to have your alarm system professionally supervised, the monitoring service business will also be advised to the existence of just about any security breach which enable it to have local crisis response units on their way to your residence generally faster when compared with dialing 911.

Yard indicators along with window stickers serve to notify prospective thiefs that they are casing the wrong house; that the prize will not exceed the risk. A terrific way to never have the burglar at your door is to send out them looking for a simpler target without even significantly considering breaking into your house.

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